PRESS RELEASE   Spring – Summer  2021

Spring / Summer 2021 is going to be a challenge – a challenge of joy, colour and fantasy. This is how we have conceived it in the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada studio: as a resistance to the times we are living in, an invitation to escape into the multi-coloured summer of our Agathist dreams.

Its inspiration was born in a trip by Agatha to Equatorial Guinea last year, exotic and distant times from the present situation, distorted by months of fashionistic reveries.

Our workshop has continued working with all the enthusiasm and genius necessary, convinced of the importance of our colourful fantasies. We have continued to fight for what we believe in. Such as environmentalism (whose urgency has been dramatically highlighted during this health crisis). Thanks to our dear ECOVIDRIO collaborators, we have been able to take a small step closer to the future of our dreams in which clothing is ecological and recycled. The jewels in this collection, ornaments of flowers, hearts, drops, stripes, dots, letters and rainbows made in multi-coloured recycled glass, are the protagonists of the show.

African elegance, its play of colours and exuberant celebration of life have served as the common thread for this collection. Full of colour and summery enthusiasm, of surreal and psychedelic nuances, of light and joy, it parades defiantly on the catwalk.

Betting on sustainability for a designer also means investing in the quality of one’s materials, and this collection delights by the luxury of its fabrics. We have been fortunate to work with the gauzes, organzas, crepes and poplin of our wildest dreams. Neons have been mixed with pastels, fuchsias with oranges, clouds with rainbows, raindrops with the ocean, fried eggs with jackets, fish with sequins, flowers with buttons, and ruffles with more ruffles. Organza tunics in three colours, kaftans with stars, cotton candy dresses, colourful sarong dresses and skirts, accessories in African fabrics, these elements and many more will take the stage, triumphant in their optimism.

This ode to an imagined paradise is exactly what we need right now, to remind us that life is a carousel of colours and that we must keep dreaming of a rainbow-coloured future. It is in our hands to make it happen.


Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid 1960) studied in the Escuela de Artes y Técnicas de la Moda of Barcelona. At 20, she began working as an intern in the studio of designer Pepe Rubio in Madrid. A year later, she presented her first collection in Madrid at the design centre LOCAL and ever since her designs have been shown in the international capitals of fashion: Paris, Milan, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.

Agatha has been a guest of honour and a representative of Spanish fashion on the main catwalks of Albania, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Slovakia, The United States, France, Gambia, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan…

The collections of the following fashion shows stand out:

Tribute to Cristóbal Balenciaga. Museo San Telmo, San Sebastián. (1987)

Unfinished dresses. Berlin and Madrid. (1989)

Expo ’90. Tribute to Sean Scully. Osaka, Japan. (1990)

Fashion Cantata: Lady from Spain. Kyoto, Japan. (1992)

Museum of Modern Art, Paris. (1994)

Tribute to Chillida, The Reina Sofia Museum. (1996)

ABSOLUT Ruiz de la Prada. Madrid, Stockholm, Miami and Punta del Este. (1996-1998)

The Canary Islands, a paradise of flowers, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. (1998)

International Women’s Day, Hôtel de Ville, Paris. (2003)

Tribute the Meninas of Velázquez, Milan Fashion Week. (2008)

Tribute to Surrealism, Milan Fashion Week. (2009)

Agatha vs. Agatha, Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week. (2012)

Las autochicas, Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week (2013)

Prints Retrospective. MBFW, Madrid (2014)

Pool Party, MBFW, Madrid (2016)

Agatha’s designs have become a true medium of artistic expression. During her first years as a designer she began displaying some of her master pieces in galleries and museums in different cities of Spain, France, Italy, US, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong… In 2014 and 2015, she will present a new retrospective exhibition in different countries of Latin America

Agatha has collaborated with numerous artists like Enrique Vega, Gloria García Lorca, Eduardo Chillida, Pep Guerrero, Luis Galliussi, Philippe Andrieux, Bárbara Juan, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Christopher Makos, Miguel Ángel Molina, Michel Bresson, Ramiro E., Orlan, Nicole Herzog, Karim Rashid…

Since 1986, the company has counted on the collaboration of more than 100 fashion accessory licences. Ceramics coatings, bed and house linen, books, accessories for pets, perfumes and stationery are examples of the many products distributed through Agatha’s flagships stores in Madrid, Paris, Milan, Bogota, Oporto, her online store, as well as a number of multi-brand stores present in over more than 150 countries.

Due to her collaborations with different companies and official organisms, Agatha has designed uniforms, wardrobes, set designs for theatre, opera and dance performances, Christmas lights, children’s parks, urban furniture, theme parks, murals, gardens, restaurants, posters for events, cars etc…

In 2011, the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Foundation was constituted, conserving an important representation of Agatha’s progression during her past thirty years of history in the world of fashion and creativity, with the purpose of classifying and diffusing her impressive documentary legacy.


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