Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection 


1. Introduction

Personal Data are subject to strict protection and regulation in accordance with Act 15/1999, of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21st, that approves the development regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act, as well as the other rules related to the aforementioned regulations. As a consequence, the Personal Data Protection Act obliges DREAM OF BEACH NIGHT, S.L., hereinafter AGATHA, and all its employees with access to personal data, to protect the information stored in its systems and in the systems of third parties, clients of AGATHA. 

AGATHA is committed to complying with Act 15/1999, of December 13 th, on Personal Data Protection Act. The objective of this Act is to guarantee and protect, regarding personal data processing, the public liberties and fundamental rights of individuals and specially their honor, family and private privacy.

In short, it is all about protecting the fundamental rights of the individual and, specifically, those included in article 18 of the Spanish Constitution. For information purposes, any numeric, alphabetic, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any kind of data or information related to identified or identifiable individuals, are considered as “Personal Data”. 


2.Modification of the Privacy Policy 

AGATHA reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, with the objective of adapting it to new regulations that may occur, therefore complying with them. Thus, we must highlight that the users of the website will be duly informed about the changes to this policy, with enough time.


3.Data Collection, Purpose and Treatment 

In accordance with the regulations on Data Protection currently in force (Act 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection) we inform you that our website includes links to e-mail accounts and registration forms that you may use to contact our company. 

By using these links you are giving your explicit consent for AGATHA, with address for notification purposes in Calle José Ortega y Gasset 5, 4ª izquierda, 28006 MADRID, Spain, will treat your personal data with the following purpose: 

• To offer and inform you about our products as well as provide information on deals, events and promotions. 

• To buy the products ordered by you or offered by AGATHA.

• To answer your questions

We will occasionally ask for your consent to process, use or show your data for any other reason not listed above. 

AGATHA will not use your personal data for purposes that are not compatible to those that are included in this clause or that are described after each form of our webpage. 

Specifically, AGATHA informs that the users’ personal data will only be obtained for its treatment when they are appropriate, relevant and not excessive with relation to the scope and specific, explicit and rightful purposes for which they are collected. They will be cancelled when they become no longer useful or relevant, or when the holder so requests it when exercising his/her cancellation right. 

AGATHA informs the users that to fill in our form they must provide certain personal data, except for the fields that are not mandatory. It must be noted that the data provided in the form must be true and that its treatment, either automatic or manual, is essential for the fulfillment of the above mentioned purposes.  Should you send your curriculum vitae to be included in the selection processes managed by AGATHA, you are allowing us to transfer your personal data to the organizations that hire our headhunting services.

The user guarantees that the data provided is true, accurate, complete and updated, being the user responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur as a consequence of not complying with said obligation. In the event that the information provided belongs to a third party, the user guarantees that he/she has informed the third party of the information included in this Policy and has obtained his/her authorization to provide AGATHA with the information for the mentioned purposes. 

The user will be the sole responsible for filling in the form with information that is false, incorrect, incomplete or out of date. 

The user accepts that all personal data are entirely transferred to Aplazame from the time the user has initiated the recruitment of the deferred payment service offered by the latter at the time of choosing the form of payment. This acceptance is extended to third parties who had to access the files for the good end of the contract.


4.Security Measures

AGATHA to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its Personal Data Protection Policy, has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures, in compliance with the regulations currently in force, regarding personal data protection (Royal Decree 1720/2007 Development Regulations of Act 15/1999, of December 13th, on personal data protection). For this purpose, all necessary mechanisms have been put in place to avoid alteration, loss, misuse, unauthorized use and treatment or theft of the data, in light of the state of the technology. 

However, the user will take into account, that internet measures, due to their nature and global approach, are not unconquerable.


5.User’s Rights 

Act 15/1999, of December 13th, of Personal Data Protection, provides the users with the possibility of exercising a series of rights that allow them to guarantee and protect in a real and effective way their right to honor, and personal and family intimacy. 

To reach this goal, the users of the webpage are qualified to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition included in the legal and regulatory requirements on personal data protection. 

To exercise these rights, the user will send a signed request in writing to the afore -mentioned address or at following e-mail address:, including the following information: name and surnames of the user, address for notification purposes, photocopy of the national identity card and a request describing the petition. 

This Privacy Policy covers this website and the rest of sites where this Privacy Policy is mentioned.