Purchasing Process

Buying at AGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA is very easy, please follow the steps below:

· Choose section (woman, kids, baby, beachwear, home, stationary, perfumery, and others)

· Choose a product (dresses, jackets, skirts...)

· Select the item to check the price, size, availability and characteristics

· Choose the desired size

· Add the product to your order by clicking on the Add to Shopping basket button

· Specify the number of items wanted

· Once you have completed the order, access your shopping bag and click on Process Purchase

· Fill in your contact details

· Click on the delivery method and payment type desired

· Fill in the banking details

· Confirm payment

How is the purchase formalized?

You will receive two e-mails:

Request Confirmation. This is an acknowledgment of receipt. The order has been received and we will proceed to confirm the availability of the requested products.

Delivery Confirmation. With this second email, the purchase is formalized and the dispatch is confirmed.

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